14 de June 2023

Emotion Management

By Lulosaurio

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Emotional management allows us to live more fully and facilitates the constant connection between the hearts of human beings. Our range of emotions, feelings, and sensations unite us as we experience our environment with every natural element and stimulus we receive. While it is true that each person has a different way of handling their emotions, the real truth is that we all feel equally. All people, both children and adults, are capable of feeling sadness, happiness, fear, or anger... However, we do not always know how to handle them. Since we all feel differently, inadequate management of emotions can create disruption in the family or friendship balance between us and the people we love the most. That is why learning different strategies to achieve emotional well-being is of utmost importance for all of us.


Laughter, warmth, and fun... Joy is an emotion of fullness that fills us with emotional well-being. A happy family is the foundation of everything, and that is why it is important to learn to manage excellent emotional health from childhood. Managing happiness teaches us to practice healthy habits that help us feel happy more often.

To learn how to manage happiness, we can:

• Enjoy every moment to the fullest
• Share laughter with a friend or family member
• Remember the importance of affective connections
• Practice gratitude


Feeling sad is part of everyone's life. From a young age, children cry to communicate with the world around them, even when they cannot explain in great detail what they are really feeling. Usually, sadness comes with tears... However, it can also be present in other related feelings such as confusion and loneliness. It is important for emotional well-being that families stay closely united and are constantly checking for any elements that indicate a sad face.

To learn how to manage sadness, we can:

• See the precious details of life
• Share a hug with a friend or family member
• Connect with a natural world
• Imagine and dream of beautiful things


Life is full of challenges and uncertainty. Regardless of age, children and adults feel fear in the same way. Perhaps when a child feels afraid, their reaction is more evident than that of an adult. However, we are all connected through emotions. When we get scared, we feel distressed and want to find comfort in the arms of those who love us. Loneliness can also be closely related to fear and can have a negative impact on anyone's emotional well-being. Learning to manage fear helps us to have a deep understanding of our emotions and brings us closer to those who love us.To learn how to manage fear, we can:• Accept that it is a feeling that passes quickly• Know that fear does not stop us• Recognize that fear is part of the emotional balance of life• Ask for help when we need it


We all feel frustrated at some point. Whether we have accidentally dropped an object on the floor, or have been in an unjust situation... Anger can rear its head and disrupt our emotional health. Feelings like frustration, irritation, and anger can also be related to anger. This emotion can create a lot of destruction, but it can also be used constructively to learn from our mistakes and the situations that bother us. Learning to manage anger can help strengthen the affective bonds that unite us.

To learn how to manage anger, we can:

• Take a break to reflect
• Trust a family member to share our feelings with
• Try to see the other side of the story
• Learn to be more tolerant

Lulosaurio can help you! Learn to take care of your emotional well-being to have a happy family.

At Lulosaurio, we want to provide you with the necessary tools to prevent any kind of emotional problems. That's why it's important for us that you understand the importance of a happy and healthy bedtime routine. Children with good sleep are happier children - and happier children are the foundation of a happy family. Allow us to contribute our bit to your happiness and that of your family. We have a wide variety of children's stories to help you sleep well!

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