Meditate with Lulosaurio to feel better

If your child maybe had a rough day and is emotionally overwhelmed, or on the contrary had a wonderful day they want to give thanks for, Lulosaur has a meditation for them.

Be amazed with magical stories

You will find polar foxes who are friends with kangaroos, horses who are friends with owls, hedgehogs who know how to be divers, and all of them will experience situations that will be resolved in a positive way, bringing lessons to your children.

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Great race
Leo the The Drgaon
Secret lake
Power of colors

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Ana Maria Mendoza

Lulosaurio app helps individuals of all ages connect emotionally and rediscover their true selves through detailed stories and meditations, promoting gratitude as a powerful strategy for personal growth.

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Mindfulness Instructor
Cata Correa

Practicing mindfulness transforms a restless mind into a calm and happy one. Lulosaurio's meditation method for kids and parents creates a daily habit of calmness.

Cata correa
English teacher
Naty carrasquilla

English stories at young ages promote bilingualism and enhance cognition. Lulosaurio helps children understand and manage emotions. dferegrtg.

Nati carrasquilla


"The app is excellent! The daily stories and meditations are perfect for calming my child and helping him sleep. I highly recommend it!"
"App is a blessing for us! Entertaining stories and relaxing meditations help my child sleep deeply. Love it!"
"Never thought an app could help my child sleep. Beautiful stories and calming meditations are effective. A great tool for parents!"
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